Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Finally!

I hope this day goes fast as I am ready for the weekend! I can't wait to spend time with the kids. We are going to a Hawaiian Festival tomorrow so that should be fun.

My Breakfast: Ezekiel toast with natural sugar free jelly, protein drink with almond milk, coffee
Kids Breakfast: Ezekiel toast with cream cheese (yes again, trying to use the cream cheese before it expires!), and the usual smoothie

Kids Snack: low fat cheese stick, fruit
My Snack: Small bowl of the veggie and chicken mixture leftover from the Clean Chicken Enchiladas

Kids Lunch: burger patty leftovers with red bell pepper and onion mixed in, natural chicken sausage, green beans, fruit
My Lunch: same burger patty (YUM! grass fed beef taste SO much better, really, try it and you will see), romaine lettuce salad with red onion, baby tomatoes, 1/2 avocado and olive oil no sugar dressing...that was a great and really filling lunch (though with clean eating I think I should have had a fruit in there somewhere)

I just went grocery shopping at Whole Foods. I usually go every Friday and try to buy the least of my stuff there...only the things I can't get at regular grocery stores or Sam's Club. So since starting this diet, I'm starting to see our grocery budget go down! I didn't need much today. Cooking with whole foods and from scratch really does save money. And doubling recipes and freezing for later I think cuts it down too. My bill would have been even less today but I had to stock up on like 6 different flours for a recipe I'm making next week. And I even bought vitamins for us and the kids.

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