Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day!

So in my last post I didn't describe what clean eating really is. Basically it's only eating natural foods. The food doesn't have to be organic, but it's obviously better if it is. You eat 5-6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism going. You eat a lean protein, complex carb and healthy fat at every meal or almost every meal. You eat nothing processed or artificial and most of all you cut out simple white sugar completely. The sugar you get comes from fruit.

Anyway today is Labor Day and to celebrate my Dad's birthday which was September 4th, we went to a breakfast buffet at Green Valley Ranch. It was my first time out to eat and eating clean. I didn't do too bad and had an egg white omlette with lots of veggies and some fruit and coffee. The part that was hard was making sure the kids ate clean, not because they would want other stuff, but often times family members push sugary foods on kids. So I compromised. The kids ate fruit and granola and plain pancakes, and then Alex got to eat some vanilla ice cream because Grandpa brought it for him. That's the tough part sometimes, social situations. For me it's easy because I can easily say no to food I don't want to eat but for the kids it's a little bit more hard. For example, at Alex's soccer practice the other night, one of the mom's brought juice and fruit snacks (artificially flavored). Alex asked if he could have some and I said yes. He had the juice and was happy with that. But I know it's going to be more and more that I can't control what he eats in SOME situations.

Overall our day of clean eating looked like this:

Breakfast: Buffet of egg whites, veggies, fruit

Lunch: Organic whole wheat (no sugar) tortilla, organic refried beans, shredded cheddar cheese and shredded zucchini (all wrapped like a burrito)....the kids LOVED this one! With fresh rasberries on the side.

Dinner (for the kids): Eating clean turkey chili

I was so full from lunch and then was out getting a pedicure and running errands that I didn't really eat dinner. This is NOT what you're supposed to do with eating clean, but the labor day weekend was kind of an off eating weekend. I had 2 small eating clean muffins before bed. I'll have to post the recipe for those because they are SO good.

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