Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hopefully cooking more today...

My Breakfast: Oatmeal, flax, frozen blueberries, protein drink, almond milk...this is my go to breakfast. It's so filling and easy to make and not boring at all.
Kids Breakfast: Smoothie and I'm not sure what else because I was at work and my husband is home with them today.

My Snack: The last enchilada. I will be making those again. They were SO good. I loved the veggie and chicken mix in the inside. That could be used in so many dishes.

I'm hoping to make the egg salad today and another dish. There's just always so much to do in a day!

One nice thing is since starting this diet, as of today I am able to fit into my pre-pregnancy (Josi) jeans! That was a nice accomplishment!

My Lunch: Romaine lettuce salad with cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, olive oil based, no sugar dressing, natural turkey, egg and flax....and some strawberries
Alex had the same salad and Josi had some toast with turkey and cucumbers

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