Monday, September 6, 2010

Our family's start to clean eating...

So just a couple of weeks ago I discovered what is called Eating Clean. I picked up an Oxygen magazine at Whole Foods and discovered an interesting "diet" they kept referencing. I've always been interested in healthy eating and especially after having kids, wanted to incorporate eating well into our family.

With our first child, it was easy to make sure he ate healthy, whole foods almost all of the time. After the birth of our second child only 23 months later, everything was survival mode. We still tried to eat well but conveinence trumped everything. It seemed there wasn't enough time in the day to think about making meals from scratch. After our first child we also ate mostly organic, then once again, after our second, that changed. Eating organic can be expensive and we were really trying to save money.

Now that I've discovered Eating Clean, I realize this is exactly the direction I've always been trying to go, I just never had a name for it or any guidence. So I'm starting this blog because I've discovered I have a passion for learning about nutrition and passing that along to my children and other people in my family. I get joy from seeing my son choose an apple over french fries (this just happened the other night!). I'm going to write about some of our fun, eating clean meals as well as my husband and my weight loss journey with this new lifestyle. So far, it's me, the kids and my mom who have changed our eating habits to eating clean. My husband is not far behind as he's always been a healthy eater, but like most, has changed after having two kids and a busy life!

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