Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Will be cooking tomorrow...

I think today is the last day of leftovers! Usually I will make a dish and then freeze half but we got so busy last week that I forgot to freeze so we had a lot of leftovers. The kids didn't really mind because there were a few different ways to eat them, but I'll be glad to cook something new tomorrow!

Breakfast Me: Oatmeal pancake, protein drink with almond milk, coffee
Breakfast Kids: Organic plain nonfat yogurt, high fiber cereal, banana

Kids Snack: Smoothie, natural turkey salami lunch meat (did I mention how much I LOVE this?!), low fat cheese stick
My Snack: natural turkey salami, strawberries

Kids Lunch: Last of the enchiladas! Josi had more pasta roll ups because she asked for mine when I was making my lunch.
My Lunch: Pasta roll ups leftovers...it was good but I'm done with it!

Kids Snack: Organic plain nonfat yogurt

Kids Dinner: Baked asparagus, natural fish sticks (whole wheat breading)
My Dinner: Baked asparagus, protein shake (natural protein powder, almond milk, tablespoon almond butter, banana, ice). This shake was amazing! So filling and tasty. Baby Alex liked it a lot too.

Kids Snack: whole grain goldfish, natural apple juice....they were at soccer practice and it was our turn to bring snacks so this is what we brought!

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