Monday, September 13, 2010

The scale is going down!

I'm seeing awesome results from Eating Clean and the food I'm eating is SO good! The thing that's really helping is the kitchen is closed 3 hours before bed (for me, the kids can of course eat whenever they want!) As long as I'm eating the 5-6 small meals per day at every 2-3 hours, I'm not hungry that 3 hours before bed. Another thing is to make sure you eat right when you wake up or at least within 30 minutes. This will keep your metabolism going since you haven't eaten before bed or while sleeping.

It's hard to blog on the weekends as weekends are so busy. We ate mostly leftovers and didn't eat out at all.


Breakfast for all: oatmeal with flax and frozen blueberries....I had a protein drink with almond milk and the kids had their typical smoothies!

My Snack: Leftover pasta roll ups (we made so much I'm trying to eat it so we don't toss anything!)
Kids Snack: Banana and Josi asked for some pasta roll up too! She loves it. And she's getting so much fresh spinach from it!

Kids Lunch: Chicken and peas
My Lunch: Leftover enchilada mix in a whole wheat tortilla

All of us Dinner: Leftover Enchiladas and strawberries

The kids could live on strawberries, I swear. We buy the large container and if I let them they'd just keep eating and eating them! At least they love fruit!

All of us Snack: Quinoa Health Bar

Still finishing up the leftovers!

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